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English Spoken Overview

Speaking skills are defined as skills which allow us to communicate effectively.These skills give us the ability to convey information verbally and in way that the listener can understand.

What You Will Learn?

In this English course which is taught by experts who have years of teaching experience. This spoken English course will teach you about pronunciation, responses, basic Grammar, telephonic English, public speech, vocabulary and much more.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • How can I expand my vocabulary?
    Learning vocabulary the old way requires time and dedication and is anything but inspiring. Trying to memorize a vocabulary list is as boring as it is ineffective, so forget about your school days and start improving your English more efficiently. The first thing to remember is that every step matters. If it is bringing you closer to your goal, it counts..
  • How can I improve my accent in English?
    You actually don't need to get rid of your accent. We all have one personality. As long as it is clearly understood and you don't face misunderstandings. You can improve your accent by mimicking your favorite actor or actress. Shadowing, as we explained ,we can also help you improve your accent in English. You can also learn how to pronounce difficult sounds
  • How can I link my ideas together to sound more like a native speaker?
    .One of the tricks to sound more like a native speaker is to use linkers or connectors. These will connect your ideas together and you will seem much more fluent and in control. Here's the example with connectors, "While Company B kept focusing on the negatives, they seemed interested in the product. That's why we were not completely sure if we would manage to get this client. However, we kept insisting and providing them with solutions, and as a result, they decided to close the deal"

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