University And Course Selection

University And Course Selection

Flamingo Abroad Consultancy is a solution-oriented firm, with a single mind approach in tailoring career paths to suit individual profiles within the parameters that may prevail in each case. The parameters may be educational, financial or personal. We provide Personal guidance to help students choose courses that match their Career and Personal Goals.

Flamingo Abroad Consultancy came into existence in the year 2023 when its promoters found that a large section of students were getting inadequate information for pursuing their career, particularly if they wanted to go overseas for higher education. Hence, they set up a counseling cell for the students, which provided pathways to various educational opportunities around the globe. Starting from UK counseling, Flamingo Abroad Consultancy has now representation of many elite Universities worldwide, i.e. USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapore, Ireland, Mauritius etc.

With an incredible success rate, Flamingo Abroad Consultancy is today one of the leading overseas education consultancy firm with a network of associate offices in cities all over India.

We provide quality guidance and follow ethical procedures. We dispel all the myths usually associated with 'Study Abroad´┐Ż and have brought the concept of overseas education to the doorstep of every student, by making it affordable and devoid of cumbersome procedures. Sharing our vast experiences & maintaining a vast database in the field is the secret of giving right counseling to each student who approaches us.

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